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Cat being loved

Animal Lives Matter...
Stop the Abuse Now!


A Bit of Background

Coachella Valley SPCA (CVSPCA.ORG) is a locally based non-profit 501(3)c charitable organization that is committed to the well being of animals that have been abused, disregarded and left to suffer in the most horrific conditions imaginable. Our mission is to position ourselves with the most reputable and caring not for profit organizations that administer the proper medical attention and provide them the love they deserve.


Pet The Bunny

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

Affiliated With

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Forever Wild Exotic

Animal Sanctuary

is dedicated to preserving the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned exotic animals through rescue, rehabilitation and education. By partnering with our community we can change animals lives.

Madam Macaw Foundation

Heidi Fleiss, infamous ‘Hollywood Madam’ , is the founder of the Madam Macaw Foundation (501(3)(c), tax deductible corporation) that is dedicated to the wellbeing of exotic birds and especially, the Macaw Parrot. She has worked extensively trying to put an end to the abuse of exotic animals for human enjoyment. Heidi has been working tirelessly while funding her foundation at her own expense while trying to accomplish a goal that is close to impossible without financial support. 


Her passionate endeavor ( can be obtainable, but will require our help to assist her to rehabilitate and nurture the magnificent Macaw Parrots.


We all know and understand that there are only a few animals that have the ability to be domesticated, and the Macaw Parrot is certainly not one of them! They DO NOT belong in cages and they have wings for a reason!


With the help of, we can assist her 501(3)(c) not-for-profit foundation make a difference.

Infuzion CBD Sciences

As we all know, the benefits from cannabidiol (CBD) have been extraordinarily successful with the treatment in numerous medical conditions with humans. Studies have proven that animals also benefit from the same ‘non-psychoactive’ effects of CBD. 

As animal owners and lovers, we have recognized that many suffer from similar conditions, ranging from; epilepsy, anxiety, hypertension, etc. and their impressive line of CBD pet products can assist and treat multiple conditions that animals experience.

As a valued affiliate, and their line of CBD Pet Sciences is proud to offer an additional 35% savings to all CVSPCA contributors upon membership. (Please email to obtain your PROMO code.

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